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Thank you for visiting the ABR Consultants Limited website. Within this website we will introduce some of the benefits ABR Consultants have available to you. ABR Consultants is a new dynamic independent company providing high quality, specialist electric power engineering services to meet your requirements. We are customer focused to serve your requirements. We apply the appropriate level of technical expertise to ensure that studies and designs are completed to specification and within budget, significantly improving economic performance of a project. The services of our qualified electric power engineers ensure designs are compliant with statutory safety requirements.


We are committed to meeting your needs
Our commitment is to ensure the highest standards of professional engineering are achieved within agreed budgets without compromising project schedule.


The ranges of electrical engineering expertise within ABR Consultants are extensive covering almost every area you may require.
We offer innovative commercially attractive solutions.


We can demonstrate experience in almost any area of electric power engineering.
ABR Consultants has considerable experience across diverse industries and applications.